The Blair Thumb
Genre: Comedy    Year: 2002    Country:
IMDB Rating: 4.5 (24 votes)
Director: Todd Portugal    Studio: Image Entertainment
Starring: Megan Cavanagh, Jim Jackman, Paul Greenberg, Steve Oedekerk
Summary: Lost, stupid, and really, really scared, Stressy turns the camera on herself and whimpers, "I don't know where this snot is coming from because I don't have a nose." Well no, she doesn't, because she's the star of Steve Oedekerk's surreal all-thumbs parody of "The Blair Witch Project". Three camera-wielding digits get lost in the forest, fight off a shark attack in their tent ("It could have been an owl," Stressy hopefully offers), and relentlessly film every moment of their blind panic. This bizarre spoof has it all over the recent rash of parodies: it's shorter (under half an hour) and sillier, and it stars Jaws, Frankenstein's monster, and a handful of talking thumbs with squished-together eyes, run-amok eyebrows, and overactive mouths spewing nonstop nonsense. And it's pretty darn funny to boot.
The spoofing continues through the special supplements, with a mock "making of" featurette (where the thumbs blab on about coffee, motivation, and irritating butt rashes), outtakes and deleted scenes, and a thoroughly nonsensical, incomprehensible Insane commentary track to accompany the Sane (but only slightly more informative) commentary track. "--Sean Axmaker"